6th Global Conference on Violence Against Women | CTICC, South Africa | 21-25 October 2019


Abstract Submission

Abstract submission is now closed. Should you have any questions about your abstracts, please email us at forums@svri.org 

Abstract Format and Content

A good abstract tells us why the original research / project / presentation adds value to the conference, meets a conference theme and ongoing dialogue in the field.

Abstract length is up to 6400 characters (including spaces) with 1,200 characters for the background, 2,000 for methods, 2,000 for results, and another 1,200 for the conclusion.

The abstract should be as informative as possible, and include:

  • Background: state aim, background and specific objective of study/project/programme
  • Methods: shortly describe methods/approach used
  • Results: summarize results/impact of your study/project/programme
  • Conclusions: state conclusions reached and the policy implications of your work

For tips on how to write a good conference abstract read: http://www.uaces.org/resources/how-to-write-a-good-abstract-for-a-conference-paper

How to Submit your Abstract

When entering the SAMRC Event system, you need to create your PROFILE. Once your profile is created, you will receive a confirmation email.

Using the login details on this login email, you then select SUBMISSION which is the abstract form. Complete the fields and either click SAVE FOR LATER if you do not want to submit immediately or SUBMIT. After submitting your abstract, you will receive confirmation of your submission via email.

Types of Abstracts

Abstract submitters can submit from one of the following forms of presentations

  • Oral presentation
  • Science pitch presentation
  • Panel presentation / Special Session

Presenting either research or sharing details of a project or programme.

  • Research
  • Intervention / Project

Research Abstract: A research abstract is an abbreviated version of your research project.

Intervention / Project Abstract: We are also interested in abstracts on innovative projects and / or interventions / intervention development, adaptation and scale-up efforts.  An intervention / project abstract should present the essential elements of your project / intervention / scale up efforts and detail its relevance to the Forum. It should outline the kind of project you implemented and/or the process you followed to implement the project, and any evaluation undertaken.  You should also note any theoretical framework or methodological assumptions. For interventions include a description of the intervention (aim, training, facilitators, delivery, length etc.); any evaluation done and efforts made with scale up if any and what you have learned so far.

Panel Presentation / Special Session: A special session abstract details pre-formed panels that address specific conference themes or key gaps in the field. Your abstract should have a clear theme connecting all of the participants' papers. In your Special Session Abstract be sure to include the theme, and a description of how the various papers address the theme. Acceptance of special sessions is based on the assurance that all presenters can attend the Forum.

Please use the existing abstract submission form to submit your abstract. Provide details in the different sections e.g. Background, provide detail on how your panel builds on existing evidence and what key questions / issues your panel will explore; in methods provide a session outline detailing names of presenters and their presentations; in conclusion discuss why this panel is important, adds value to the field.

Please note

Submission of an abstract is on the understanding that author(s) of accepted abstracts will register for the full conference. Authors will be required to confirm their acceptance of presentation and register with full payment of the conference fee before 31 July 2019.

Submissions of more than one abstract from an individual and/or group of authors is welcome. However, in the interests of achieving an inclusiveness of presenters and a broad and balanced program, it is necessary that for each accepted abstract one author / presenter is registered. 

Email us at forums@svri.org for more information.