6th Global Conference on Violence Against Women | CTICC, South Africa | 21-25 October 2019


The Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI) envisions a world free of violence against women (VAW) and other forms of violence stemming from gender inequality. We play a key role globally in the reduction of VAW through creating a network that supports and disseminates rigorous, policy relevant research that can empower policy makers and activists to take action to improve responses and prevent VAW.

SVRIs core values are to - 

  • Recognise and challenge gender inequalities that drive VAW
  • Commit to working within a human rights framework
  • Be cross-sectoral and multi-disciplinary in our approach
  • Advance, embrace and promote diversity
  • Acknowledge the intersection of poverty, social exclusion and violence
  • Focus on LMICs
  • Promote ethical and rigorous and research
  • Engage with the community that is being researched where appropriate and relevant
  • Apply research findings to policy and practice.
  • Serve our membership¬† with integrity and independence

SVRIs values are the guiding principles and standards that direct the approach we take in all our endeavours. These include the activities that are undertaken, the content of work produced, the nature of interaction with peers, and any other component of engagement both internal to the organisation and in respect of SVRIs external positioning.